2021 Texas is Toxic
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Our studio is located somewhere in the Happy Valley of Western Massachusetts

Josie plays with NRA & America's gun worship

VP Pence had departed 3-3-19 from Sanibel FL & Josie did a photo shoot in nearby Cape Coral using themes to expose Trump/Pence systematic attacks on LGBTQ people. Shame on them! This photo & the poem "Porno for Pence" (on More Poem page) is our outrage to their toxic presence. 


Photo credit & copyright: Stephen Neil Gill & JJ White (photo edits)

Josie is a political activist, a renegade street artist

2019 June Storefront Pride project -- Greenfield MA
Josie shames Texas for attacking women. Texas is no place to raise a girl. Boycott Texas!  -- October 2021
 Social media comments about her audacious political exhibit that appeared overnight on Main Street, Greenfield, Mass.
 “The window! It’s fucking kickass!”   “fuck gender on main street is my favorite thing in town right now”
“Lots of people talking about it! Way to go sister! There is a big positive response too love!”


“Great big HIGH 5 to the badsass political activist, still unknown to me, who made this billboard-size statement in the old World Eye Bookstore display window, right on Main Street. Always psyched to see righteously confrontational renegade activism.”
“don’t know who did this but’s a powerful statement. And true. Thank you for this art, whoever you are. This reminds me that there is too much silence in the face of so much hatred and violence.”
“Yes, saw it yesterday and was kind of blown away!”
Pres. Greenfield MA city council posted: "well the best anarchist punk art never lasts for long but this defiance was a breath of fresh air to me. I also support angry art when it's called for; attempted erasure of a part of the population I'd say more than justifies an expletive." 
“I saw it over the weekend and was thrilled to witness the images and the message. Yes!”    “You rock. For real. I admire you.”

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