Poem notation: VP Pence had departed 3-3-19 from Sanibel FL & Josie did a photo shoot in nearby Cape Coral using themes to expose Trump/Pence systematic attacks on LGBTQ people. Shame on them! This poem is our outrage to their toxic presence. 


Photo credit & copyright: Stephen Neil Gill & JJ White (photo edits)

Our studio is located somewhere in the Happy Valley of Western Massachusetts.

Porno for Pence


I'm the terrorist in your bed.

I'm the hostage inside your head.

I'm fucking you up til my dying day,

Not soon enough, everything you say.


Why you messing with my sweet ass.

You curious or something you wanna ask.

Going down on my sister-juice flowing

Or maybe your Christian white bone’s growing.


We're not ashamed by the scum of your mouth

Or surprised by the ugly hate you spout.

We're a rainbow chorus you can't turn down.

Pound your self-righteous bible, you Jesus clown.


I'm fucking you up inside your head.

I'm every queer you wanted dead.

Help me understand your Christian hate.

Cuz I'm the one you wanna terminate.


Lust and perverts in shadows you can't see

Bodily fluids, guttural moans, sticky knees.

The darkness you preach is so full of light

The pulse of humanity – only losers fight.


Bow your head in a state of grace

Now explain yourself at heaven's gate.

Demand to Jesus he embrace your hate.

Or beg forgiveness before it's too late.

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